About Us

I am Lespanol and this is my blog where I publish articles, tutorials and courses about computing and web development mainly.

I am a web developer, technical blogger, online trainer and also a senior technician in Network Information Systems Administration (ASIR).

The blog
In 2013 I started this blog, I have been with it for several years and I am very happy with it, having an average of 90,000 unique visits and more than 300,000 page views per month.

The blog arises from my own curiosity, whenever I learn something I like to write it down so that I do not forget, have a reference in case I want to use it in the future and also to also publish content that is not on the Internet or that is not clear and thus share, contribute and help others.

Basically this blog is my online notepad and the place where everything that I would like to find is.