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welcome to Complete HTML5 course and from scratch, in which we will learn everything you need to master HTML5, create your first web pages and get started in the wonderful world of web development.

HTML5 is the most important hypertext markup language of the web since every site or web application uses it to define the structure and content of its pages.

You are facing a complete course, from scratch, with super clear explanations, with unique and exclusive content, with many exercises and practices to learn HTML in depth.

We will learn to work thoroughly with:

  • HTML, the essential markup language on any website.
  • Headers and texts and HTML 5.
  • Semantic structure and HTML5.
  • Lists and HTML.
  • Images, videos, audios, etc with HTML Five.
  • Links and anchors.
  • Boards.
  • Forms.
  • Hundreds of useful labels.
  • Basic layout with CSS3.
  • Professional front-end skills, doing dozens of exercises, practices and a complete project.

If you want to be a web developer, or even if you already dedicate yourself to web development, learn to work with HTML5 is a MUST and it will open up a new world of possibilities for you.

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The learning methodology is ideal:

  • Everything explained from scratch and step by step.
  • Several hours of content in video classes.
  • Dozens of practices and exercises.
  • More than 40 well explained classes.
  • A project putting everything learned into practice.
  • Logical and progressive order, designed to internalize all knowledge whether you know how to program or not.
  • I will also be helping you when you have any questions or problems.

At the end of the course:

  • You will know the basics of web development.
  • You will know how to create websites with HTML5.
  • You will master HTML perfectly.
  • And much more.

During the more than 4 hours of the course You will see how to create your first ones and we will practice with everything we teach.

We will deal with all the topics step by step and little by little until we get a good level in web development with HTML 5.

To take 100% of the course We recommend having basic knowledge of the use of an operating system at the level of installing programs and using a web browserEven so, within the course we will review everything to strengthen this knowledge. But you don’t really need to have any prior knowledge in web development, we will learn it all within this complete course.

If you want to learn modern front-end web development with HTML5 without pain, practicing little by little, get off to a good start in web development and increase your job opportunities, this is your COMPLETE COURSE!

Take a look at the course syllabus to see all the topics you will learn.


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