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Welcome to the course Learn to publish any website on the Internet (Hosting and VPS), we are going to learn how to deploy, publish in production and upload to the Internet web sites and applications developed with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, MEAN Stack, NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB, Python, SQLite and Django from scratch and step by step.

Many people do not know how to put into production a website created with many of these programming languages ​​and frameworks, this is because there are almost no easy hosting solutions for novice users that allow us to put this type of website on the Internet and you have to follow a different process for each type of project.

That is why in this course I am going to teach you step by step and from scratch what I would have liked to find when deploying and putting my web applications online.

In this course we will learn to prepare these web projects to upload them to production, configure a Hosting and configure a VPS (Virtual Private Server) server with Linux to serve our webapps on the Internet.

In this course we will see all the steps from scratch and we will publish many websites:

  • Three different projects created with HTML and CSS
  • A project created with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • A PHP and MySQL project
  • A PHP, OOP, MVC and MySQL project
  • A Laravel web project
  • A web application made with Symfony
  • A website with WordPress
  • A REST API with Laravel
  • A RESTful API with Symfony
  • Two complete SPA frontends with Angular
  • A project with the MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node)
  • A complete project with Python and Django

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We will also see all the steps from scratch, we will see:

  • Classic Hosting Configuration
  • Subdomains configuration
  • How to prepare a project locally
  • How to generate Angular distributions to put into production
  • Use Angular’s different path loading strategies
  • URL optimization
  • How to choose, hire and configure a VPS server with Linux
  • Work with SSH
  • Using the Linux terminal
  • Manage NodeJS on the production server
  • Manage Django on the production server
  • Installation and preparation of various services on the VPS server
  • I work with Git and Github
  • How to deploy in production
  • Using a process manager
  • And much more!

As you can see, it is a very interesting course in which we are going to learn to publish on the internet all kinds of applications developed with all the most demanded languages, frameworks and technologies at the workplace level in a web hosting and apart we will configure remote servers with Linux.

In addition to all these things, in my courses you will get support, support and very fast help so that you can achieve your goals and solve your doubts.

If you want to learn how to upload any type of website or web application to the Internet, without pain, practicing little by little, this is your course!

Take a look at the course to see all the topics that we are going to cover:

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