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welcome to Master in TypeScript and JavaScript ES2021, in which we will learn in depth to work with the two most popular programming languages ​​that currently exist and we will know their most modern functionalities.

The next step you need in your JavaScript learning to master more advanced aspects and discover more about the web development technologies with more labor demand and more future projection.

This is not just any course, you are facing a complete master in which we will learn:

  • JavaScript moderno, the most popular programming language today.
  • EcmaScript 2021, the latest standards for the JS language.
  • TypeScript moderno, Microsoft’s superset that level up JavaScript.
  • POO, Object Oriented Programming in modern JavaScript.
  • APIs HTML5, which will allow you to program incredible things using Javascript.
  • Front-end skills, doing hundreds of exercises and various projects.

If you want to be a front-end or full-stack developer, or even if you already dedicate yourself to web development, learning to work with these technologies and their novelties is very important.

The learning methodology is ideal:

  • Everything explained from scratch and step by step.
  • Dozens of hours of content in video classes.
  • Hundreds of practical examples.
  • More than 130 well explained classes.
  • Complete project putting everything learned into practice.
  • Logical and progressive order, designed to internalize all knowledge.
  • I will also be helping you when you have any questions or problems.

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At the end of the course:

  • You will know how to program in a more advanced way with JavaScript.
  • You will master JavaScript and TypeScript to develop projects or apply them to existing projects.
  • You will know everything new and the most important of modern JavaScript and EcmaScript 2021.

During the more than 20 hours of the course You will see how we do hundreds of practical examples and we will make a project with everything we teach.

We will deal with all the topics step by step and little by little until we get a good level in Programming, JavaScript, EcmaScript 2021, ES2021, ES12, TypeScript, HTML5 APIs, etc.

To take full advantage of the course, we recommend having basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, even so, within the course we will do a review to crush these concepts.

In addition to all this, in Víctor Robles courses you will get support, support and very fast help so that you can achieve your goals and solve your doubts.

If you want to learn modern front-end development with current JavaScript and modern TypeScript without pain, practicing little by little with the most up-to-date standards, leveling up in web development and increasing your job opportunities, this is your MASTER!

Take a look at the course syllabus to see all the topics you will learn.

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