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welcome to Master in Programming Logic, in which you will learn to solve all kinds of programming exercises and common technical tests in job interviews for the programmer position.

This is not just any course, you are facing a complete master that contains:

  • More than 50 programming exercises, explained and solved step by step.
  • Common tests in technical interviews.
  • Solve algorithms.
  • Generic exercises, which can be solved with any language.
  • Improve your programming logic, facing the dozens of challenges of this course.
  • Tests and tests of code.
  • Programming skills, doing dozens of well explained exercises, from scratch.

If you want to be a professional programmer or web developer and you are trying to get a job, it is almost mandatory to be prepared for the tests and exercises of the technical interviews that programmers do to us.

The learning methodology is ideal:

  • Everything explained from scratch and step by step.
  • Many hours of content in video classes (8 hours and up).
  • Dozens of exercises.
  • More than 70 well explained classes.
  • Designed to internalize all the knowledge and increase the programming logic, whether you know how to program a lot or not.
  • I will also be helping you when you have any questions or problems.

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At the end of the course:

  • You will know how to program better.
  • You will have increased your programming logic.
  • You will be prepared for real technical tests.
  • You will learn about new JavaScript functions and methods.
  • And much more.

During the more than 8 hours of the course You will see how to develop several exercises with the most varied development challenges that will stimulate your logic while creating the proposed algorithms and programs.

We will deal with all the topics step by step and little by little to fully understand each of the programming and software development exercises.

To take full advantage of the course, we recommend having basic programming knowledge with a programming language, preferably JavaScript. But you don’t really need to have any advanced knowledge.

If you want to learn to program better, increase your programming logic and be better prepared to pass technical tests in job interviews, practicing little by little, leveling up and increasing your job options, this is your MASTER!

Take a look at the course syllabus to see all the topics you will learn.


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