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The technological advance that drives the development of robots has been present and consistent during all these years, however recently new research changes due to technological advances have joined robotics to create much more advanced robots, with a more advanced device. wide of applications.

The development of these has enormous potential to transform many aspects of our lives.

revolutionary technologies

  1. What exactly is a robot?
  2. The incidence of robots
  3. The robotics innovation system
  4. intellectual property

What exactly is a robot?

He has the ability to interpret his environment and adapt his actions to the achievement of an objective, in this case a person.

The first robots of the modern era they were invented to speed up industrial development processes through programmed automation, which means that they were created mainly just for work.

Unlike those that were created today, they were beings totally controlled by a person, the new generation has been created totally independent and it is not necessary to be under the control of a person, because their advanced levels of technology have made them able to capture as much information as possible and can do the same thing that a person would normally do in their daily life

The manufacture of robots was a widespread practice that arose mainly from the United States and Japan, however it was Japan that surpassed the levels for which they became world leaders in the manufacture of these objects.

The mechanical components that have been created in a robotic way have evolved and are increasingly modern.

As time goes by, they are increasingly data-driven and connected to smart grids.


Technology in today's job market

Importance of technology in the economy

The incidence of robots

They are having such an impact that it has become significant for joint manufacturing work with automobile and electronics companies.

In addition, it has been shown that they can improve the quality of life and production since they have achieved high value in the market and labor production, in addition to achieving satisfactory improvements in their products.

Thanks to the fact that their technological advance has been the majority, they have contributed to replace human activities and thus help to eliminate the pressure of activities that can be heavy in daily life.

They are also increasingly used in agriculture, mining, transportation, space and maritime exploration, unmanned surveillance systems, health, education and many other fields, their material capacity is made to withstand any weather that comes their way.

Thanks to a work force and perseverance, the benefits obtained have been of greater satisfaction in the companies dedicated to this generation.

They help companies remain competitive and create higher paying jobs in certain countries.

The robotics innovation system

Most innovation and start-ups tied to robotics are in high-income countries.

The ecosystem of innovation in the development of robotics is very dynamic and collaborative, it is increasingly complex as it requires an intense research process.

The collaborative nature of innovation in robotics is due to the fact that companies often do not have the necessary capacity, so they are forced to look outside, so they must reach certain agreements that are joint with companies developed in robotics.

As robotics becomes more reliant on connectivity and networks, many companies from many sectors are beginning to realize the benefits of robotics, which are playing an increasingly important role in business strategies.

intellectual property

Innovation focuses on more advanced applications in this field, companies are increasingly turning their eyes towards system tools to further protect their interests.

Today's industry innovation attracts more players, more technology disciplines, and many more requests from people interested in the emergence of innovation.

It may be particularly important in this area, especially given the high pre-market costs and the need to obtain permission from regulatory authorities.

It allows companies to recover their investment, helps them obtain a competitive advantage from a commercial point of view.

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