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welcome to TailwindCSS course, you will learn step by step how to design websites with the new CSS framework that is currently growing the most.

TailwindCSS es the framework for CSS that allows more customization due to its profit orientation. It is one of the most popular frameworks for making modern web application looks and styles scalable. If you want to be a front-end or full-stack developer, or even if you already dedicate yourself to web development, it is almost mandatory to learn Tailwind.

Tailwind CSS has given a jump in popularity over other frameworks, like Bootstrap. Now we will use Tailwind CSS to apply its hundreds of utilities and classes to the elements of our website and to design with CSS3 much faster, with cleaner code and with improved performance compared to any other CSS framework.

At the end of the course you will be able to design your own web pages with Tailwind and modify others that are already developed with this framework.

This is the only and most complete Tailwind course in Spanish that exists to date and is designed for you to learn how to design websites for the real world through practical examples, step by step and in an easy way so that you do not have doubts.

They are covered from the most basic and simple aspects to the most advanced, therefore you do not need to know anything about TailwindCSS, or Bootstrap to learn how to use it, although you will need to know HTML and CSS to take 100% of this course.

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During the course you will see lots of practical examples. We will use each of the fundamental parts of the framework and we will make examples with each of them.

Also in this course we will develop a complete web project from scratch based on a previous design, to join all the pieces of the puzzle.

We will approach the development of this website starting from scratch, using all kinds of utilities, the creation of the necessary extra components, animations, flexbox and Responsive Web Design using the Tailwind prefixes, layout of forms, buttons, banners, cards, use of pseudo-classes , among other things.

In addition to this, in the courses of Víctor Robles you will get support and quick help, constant updates with everything new that is coming out of Tailwind, etc.

If you want to learn TailwindCSS without pain, practicing little by little, level up in frontend development with CSS3 and increase your job opportunities This is your course!

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