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One of the most frequent concerns of my students is related to the job interviews that they usually do with programmers, what tests they do, what questions they ask, how to answer and ultimately …

How to overcome technical programming interviews?

So a few weeks ago I decided to create a free series on my YouTube channel to talk about all this and I wanted it to be very entertaining, very useful and to resolve all doubts …

Well, the complete series is here, you can see it here:


There are 10 incredible chapters:

  1. How to prepare to pass interviews for programming positions βœ…
  2. 10 Committed Questions in Programmer Job Interviews ⚠️
  3. What I DON’T like about technical code interviews for development positions ❌
  4. The 15 typical HTML5 questions that you will be asked in your next interview πŸ”ΆοΈ
  5. The 16 typical CSS questions that you will be asked in your next interview πŸ“˜
  6. 20 common JavaScript questions you’ll be asked in web development interviews πŸ“’
  7. 17 PHP Questions to Ask You in Back-End Web Development Interviews 🐘
  8. The 12 SQL Questions that you will be asked in every interview for the programmer position πŸ—„οΈ
  9. Programming Logic: How to improve it, exercise it, stimulate it and increase it? πŸ’»
  10. Exercise your programming logic with these 4 typical exercises in technical interviews β˜‘οΈ

Enter to see the complete series by clicking here or playing the episodes right here:

I hope you like this series of free videos a lot, these frequent doubts about the technical programming interviews are resolved.

I also recommend this course to prepare you for this type of technical interviews:

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