Technology in today's job market

Over time, the machines that have been created have helped workers to achieve greater production in the development of their companies, however there is concern that this could perhaps make production disappear and thus cause unemployment, in which as a result of this, has become very clear that technology has continuously generated the creation of new jobs, since as the development of production occurs in a good way, it makes both the company and its employees grow.

Technology in today's job market

The greater productivity and the shorter production times due to the machines led to the possibility of mass production, that is to say in greater quantity of result that contributed enormously to the economic growth during the entire developed period that until now can continue to be seen, in addition of the evolution of consumerism that led to the creation of new jobs.

  1. Alternative Labor Agreements
    1. The Polarization of Employment

Alternative Labor Agreements

Studies were carried out in recent years and the result is that labor production has been based on temporary or unstable jobs.

As more and more jobs are managed by machines, companies or businesses now need fewer workers or fewer working hours, but while there may not be as many jobs left, whether part-time or full-time, there is still plenty of work.

Despite the fact that technology has given a resounding turn to job improvement, millions of people have also been affected by it. A few years ago, people had to adapt to part-time work, since machines did most of what they did. That would add up to doing a full-time job.

This affected 100% of the population on the part of the employees, since the income did not continue to be the same and the sustenance for their households was a little more difficult for them.

Thanks to collaborative platforms, such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Etsy, Samasource, Postmates and TaskRabbit, people can now work whenever and wherever they want in an easier way, jobs were also developed for each person's own management that allows them to reorganize their own schedules.

They are jobs outside of the ones they already have in order to benefit and have extra income to support their households.

As a result of this, homeowners also went to make a mortgage or lease some of their properties, as extra income or due to lack of work, which has generated 100% profit because today most of the inhabitants come to pay rent .

The benefits of the part-time economy go beyond providing savings to businesses and some form of employment for workers, it offers choice, flexibility, and control that full-time jobs do not, and may even to offer better payments.

These benefits influence job satisfaction depending on each person, and which are the reason why a certain part of the population that has been interviewed wants to continue being independent workers since in a certain way on some occasions working Independently, it generates higher income, which is why this has been the reason why they no longer wish to continue working under the orders of a company.

The Polarization of Employment

Some people worry that automation will steal jobs, while others insist that this advance makes them better.

From another point of view, it can be said that both statements are true, because many companies have relied on material for the quality and distribution it represents for them, which generates unemployment, unlike others that prefer working hands for their production. which creates employment.

Although the invention of these technologies has eliminated jobs, it has also made certain tasks more bearable.

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