Telephone operators will not be able to deduct from the credit when the megabytes are finished

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WORKS REPORTS 03/11/2022.- The Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, Edgar Montaño, together with the director of the Telecommunications and Transportation Regulation and Supervision Authority (ATT), Néstor Ríos, reported this Friday that Supreme Decree No. 4669 guarantees users of mobile telephony, notification and authorization of the use of your credit, when the package of megabytes purchased by the consumer is exhausted.

¨We have approved Supreme Decree No. 6649, which modifies the General Regulations of Law No. 164 on Telecommunications; so that the telephone operators, in my opinion, do not abuse the users”, said Montaño.

According to the authority, one of the frequent demands of the users is that once the package of megabytes that one acquires is consumed, the telephone companies begin to consume the main credit without the due consent of the user, thus causing annoyance in them.

"This Supreme Decree tells the operators that the user has to authorize if he is going to migrate from the bag of megabytes that he has bought, to his main credit," said Montaño.

According to the data presented, 90.66% of the Bolivian population has a prepaid line and will benefit from this regulation, thus preventing the user from having the impression that their megabytes are being stolen and irregularly charged for internet consumption.

For his part, the director of the ATT, Néstor Ríos, explained that telephone operators have 180 calendar days, from February 16, to adapt their network and platforms, to implement improvements in the notification mechanisms that require express consent. of users for the consumption of their credit.

“We as ATT have the technical instructions to regulate the messages regarding the balance of megabytes that correspond, we are going to ensure strict compliance with this measure that ultimately achieves an affordable and fair price for all Bolivians. The sanctions will be economic for those who do not comply with these measures,” concluded Ríos.


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