The impact of technology on growth and employment

The technology has always fed the economic growthimproved living conditions and has opened doors to new and best types of work.

To take advantage of the abundant opportunities offered by the new technologieswe must find a way to adapt more quickly, as this will help the continuous updating of our skills.

The recent advances mark the beginning of a totally radical change in the world, but which have existed since the beginning of history with the only difference that they have been totally regenerated and updated for the new ways of working.

These innovations today are known as, general purpose technologiesthat make people have a more productive spirit and want to improve their lifestyle, this also helps create new sources of employment.

We can say that one of the cases I know you know is that of autonomous cars that today cannot be seen as a future project but rather as a reality, since there is high demand among car creators who have opted to be the winners by creating this project.

The last company or company that developed this project has been the great one known as Motors and IBM, which they named this car as OLLI and that it began to be tested before society in a short time.

The technology gave great impact to this project, as it is said that this car contains features that incorporate fully advanced computing functions before the world.

The capacity of this car is a total of twelve people and it is capable of answering the questions that are made to find out what it is made of, as well as the person can say where they want to go and the car will obey their orders.

The people who have worked on this project for so long, despite the fact that the car has not come out before the eyes of the world, already feel the full satisfaction as they think that they accelerated the full capacity of the technology management and that they can continue to apply it to other cars.

The development of this technology It has generated a lot of curiosity and also high competition throughout the world, although they also benefit from having a great capacity to provide employment and pass on their knowledge of good technology management to their descendants or employees.

What is most surprising is that the changes in the advance technologicalThey have held up extremely well over the years.

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We have taken into account a large improvement in living conditions, the most important determining factor in all countries and over time being labor productivity.

Productivity, in terms of production divided by the resources used, increases when we deploy the technologyWhat do we mean by this, that the work becomes even easier and fast when we have the technology to do it.

An example of this can be a office work, when it is done manually the person is exposed twork under pressure since I could not have any rest to be able to deliver all the jobs on time, on the other hand, if you use computers, printers and all the equipment developed on worked is usually a little less pressured since thanks to this the worked can be easier and time is much faster.

An example could also be placed Construction workWhen a small construction is done manually by the person, it could take up to a month to complete, unlike when using machines to mix and run the sand, the completion time could be a minimum of two weeks.

This is when we say that more employment and better quality of life are generated, since the technology It has made everything in terms of work develop in a better way.

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