The sale of school supplies increases after the announcement of the return to face-to-face classes

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Parents look for notebooks, pens, colors and markers; the basics until waiting for some units to give an official list

After the authorities announced that this Monday they will return to school classes in person, parents have taken over markets and bookstores in search of materials for their children.

After a tour of several places, merchants pointed out that prices are maintained and that sales have been rising these days.

The ringed notebooks range from Bs 15; pens from Bs 2, like pencils. While the colors and markers are, from Bs 12. Erasers and cutters from Bs, and you can also find folders, sheets, filing cabinets, rulers, cases, among others.

But parents also look for uniforms, blue and black pants, white shirts and t-shirts, which range from Bs 70 to 100.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, face-to-face classes were suspended and schoolchildren passed their subjects virtually and in some cases semi-face-to-face.

Despite the fact that the cases of coronavirus have dropped considerably and that there is vaccination against the disease, some educational units have not yet refurbished their furniture to house their students again.

SOURCE: Unitel

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